Why You Should Live In Heartland Singapore To Experience SG

heartland areas in Singapore

There are two types of new migrants to Singapore – one type will be the expat who really just wants to work here for a few years and then go back to their home country, while the other type will be the type who loves the country and wants to settle here for good, or at least for the long term. Chances are because you are reading this right now, you probably belong to the latter group of people.

There are actually big differences between the two groups of foreigners living in Singapore, and the way they lead their lifestyles in Singapore and where they live are also largely different. Here is a summary of the differences.

The first group prefers hanging out only with fellow expats, and have zero intention to mingle with the local culture. They are here almost purely for work, and if not for the job position and money, they would not even want to be in Singapore. Most of these people only join expat groups, and tend to live only in mainly expat based condos around Singapore. There are condos in Singapore which are targeting expatriates instead of locals, and those are usually found in Central Business District or right around it, or those nearest to MRT stations, as most of these expats prefer not having a car in Singapore.

On the other hand, the second group prefers mixing around or at least living in and dining at heartland areas, and tend to rent at places nearer to or within heartland areas in the East or West of Singapore. Since most locals stay in heartland areas distributed throughout the city-state of Singapore, if you truly want to experience Singapore, you should live near heartland areas too. This is something that the local Singapore government encourages too as it improves social integration efforts within Singapore. These are examples of heartland areas in Singapore.
For those who are too apprehensive about doing this, fret not! This is simply because in most condominiums throughout Singapore, there is always a healthy amount of foreigners. In fact, most of the local born Singaporeans live in Housing And Development Board flats, and you will not feel too uncomfortable at any point in time at any condos in Singapore.