Why Is Singapore PR Much More Popular Than Its Citizenship?

Singapore view

Did you know that not only is a Singapore permanent residence is highly popular among potential and new immigrants to Singapore, but a Singapore PR is also far more popular than the actual citizenship? There are many rich and famous migrants living and residing in Singapore now, albeit many are doing so under a permanent residency. If you are also interested in becoming a local Singapore permanent resident, you may want to enlist the help of a Singapore PR application agency, which can greatly help advise you on and expedite the PR application process.

Here are some of the good reasons why being a resident here is more popular than being a citizen!

First of all, being a Singapore PR allows you access to virtually all of the benefits that SG has to offer, without any of the potential downsides.

For instance, you get to benefit from Singapore’s generally good tax laws, safe streets, low to nearly non existent crime rates, most housing opportunities and more. Singapore also is top ranked when it comes to world’s most competitive economy, attracting lots of investments and jobs into Singapore.

However, as a Singapore PR, you get the choice to still apply for new, hold multiple or keep your citizenship. If you are a Singaporean citizen, you are only allowed to hold one passport. There is no dual citizenship when it comes to our country.

Additionally, as a PR, your male child or children will not be subject to any NS issues even if they and your family choose to decide to leave Singapore in the future. They can still enter Singapore in future after renouncing their permanent residency without any repercussion with regards to NS. However, that is far from it if they were full citizens instead. If they were full citizens, unless they continually extended their exit permit after renouncing their citizenship before the age of 11, and never collect NRIC and more, they will be liable to NS and get a criminal record, regardless of what age they ever reenter or use Singapore as a connecting flight port.

As a Singapore PR, you still get access to both private residential properties and public Housing and Development Board flats, albeit only those sold in the open market. The only difference between your PR status and a full citizenship is that you cannot purchase a subsidized HDB flat, executive condominiums within 5 year of development completion, as well as good class bungalows. But unless you are looking at one of the above type of property purchases, this should not affect you negatively at all.