Which Condos Are Popular With Singapore Permanent Residents?

Singapore condo

As a new immigrant to Singapore, or if you are potentially wanting to become an official permanent resident in Singapore, you may be be interested to find out where the other fellow immigrants and Singapore PR live at. After all, Singapore is very popular with foreigners and expats. While many locals live in Housing and Development Board HDB flats, many Singapore PR and expats actually prefer living in a private condominium.

Most permanent residents to Singapore are at least well into the middle class, and thus can afford to live in a better and more luxurious environment, such as a condominium or even landed property for the richer ones who probably entered Singapore via the Global Investor Programme – GIP scheme.

However, since most permanent residents live in condominiums instead, we will talk about that!

Condominiums which are situated near MRT stations

Unlike citizens, most Singapore PR are more than happy with the public transportation, including the taxis and now Grab and Gojek. Therefore, they would prefer somewhere which actually has easy access to public transportation for them and their family. You will find that condos such as Urban Vista at Tanah Merah Kechil Road and the like are very popular with expats and immigrants, due to such condominiums literally situated next to the MRT station.

The truly rich and well heeled would even look at places like The Orchard Residences condominium which is located right smack in Orchard Road and above the Orchard MRT station.

Condos which have playgrounds and private swimming pools

As there are more and more condos being built in Singapore nowadays, there will be many estates with focus on vastly differing facilities within. For instance, some are targeted more at families and have more playgrounds, swimming pools and more. While there are others which are targeted more for investors to buy and rent out to single expatriates, and these usually have a more business like vibes throughout the development.

Since many permanent residents do not just live here by themselves, and also have their families with them, or at least their children, many Singapore PR opt for estates with playground and swimming pool facilities. These are usually more commonly found in heartland area developments. Those located right smack in the Central Business District usually do not have these facilities, and that is because they are not targeting families as their buyers or renters.

Developments with lots of two or three bedroom units available

You will be surprised to know that there are some developments in Singapore do not offer one or two bedroom units. For instance, the super overpriced The Orchard Residences only provides three or four bedroom units available for purchase or rental.

However, most Singapore PR families prefer two to three bedroom units. So when you look at a location, make sure that that location has these, and do not blindly assume that every private residential project in Singapore has them. A good way to go about this is to simply hop on over to Property Guru first, Singapore’s largest property portal to see the listings available.